Advice by phone 

Of course, we will also be happy to accept your inquiries by phone and advise you personally. Our customer service is available Monday - Thursday from 8 a.m. CET to 6 p.m. CET, Friday from 8 a.m. CET to 4 p.m. CET at: +49 7332 95990-00.



If we have not yet started producing the fabrics or finishing, we can cancel your order at any time. Please contact our customer service. 


So that you can enjoy your functional items for as long as possible, they should only be washed on a gentle cycle and ideally with mild detergent. Please do not use fabric softener as this destroys the fiber structure that regulates moisture exchange. It is best to dry the functional item in the fresh air and not in the tumble dryer.

Climate Power

The innovative Climate Power technology gives the material its exceptionally breathable function. The skin-friendly structure mix technology of the Climate Power Mesh is characterized by long-term optimal climate management with the best ventilation.


We offer all products in numerous fashionable colors. Would you like to have your product printed in a special Pantone color value? Then please let us know the corresponding Pantone value when making your inquiry. Minimal color deviations are possible due to the different printing processes and material properties.

We have our products photographed in the best possible quality and try to show all the details and describe them as accurately as possible. However, the quality of the fabric, colors, stitching or other details on the screen may differ from the real product depending on your screen setting. Are you unsure about the color or product features of the item you want? We will then be happy to send you a sample. More about this under patterns.

Color gradient

The smooth transition between different colors is called a color gradient. In contrast to logos, there are always color gradients in photos. If you would like to print a color gradient on your product, we offer sublimation printing (Hurricane Line and custom-made products). Please note that the sublimation process can only be used on white surfaces. See also finishing processes.


DEE stands for individual and high-quality corporate wear and sportswear in professional quality. Our graphics team will create a professionally designed design according to your ideas free of charge and without obligation. In this way, we ensure optimal use of the technical finishing options right from the design stage. An online configurator cannot meet these high-quality standards. We have therefore decided to no longer offer a configurator.


We are happy to be there for you, whether on the phone, by email, fax or mail or directly at our location in Böhmenkirch, Germany. You can find our contact details here.


Data Protection

Our Privacy Policy can be found here.


DEEtec is the innovative fabric technology from DEE. The technology is characterized by high breathability, excellent moisture transport and a very comfortable fit. DEEtec technology is used in the functional materials of our own brand.

Delivery times

Our delivery times depend on the size and complexity of the order. We usually need 4 to 8 weeks from ordering to delivery. If things have to go particularly quick, express delivery can be arranged (at an additional charge). To do this, we ask you to contact our customer service directly.



See finishing process.


See Returns.


Finishing process

When designing your products, we always select the highest quality printing process that can be used for your products. We differentiate between the following processes:


Embroidery is a high-quality and long-lasting finishing technique. In this process, the motif is attached to the fabric using an embroidery machine - similar to a large sewing machine. Depending on the size of the template, embroidering a motif is the most time-consuming of the common finishing techniques. When it comes to embroidery, the costs are not calculated according to the motif colors, but rather according to the number of stitches required to implement the motif. An embroidery is usually used for finishing small areas. DEE mainly uses embroidery on towels and caps.

Flex printing

With flex printing, the motif is cut out along the contours of a flex printing film and fixed to the textile surface under the pressure of a transfer press at constant heat of approx. 165° C. The flex printing process is characterized by a high-quality print with a smooth surface in highly opaque, bright colors and is ideal for materials that constantly come into contact with moisture. 

The durability of the print remains even after frequent washing and the colors do not lose their expressiveness. A maximum of three colors and no color gradients can be displayed in one motif. The graphic or logo used should have a line width of at least 1,5 mm. Due to the high effort involved in the process, flex printing is preferred for small, individual quantities.

Flock printing

In the flock printing process, no colors are printed onto the textiles, but fluffy, colored fibers are attached to the fabric with a textile adhesive. The graphics are mirrored and transferred to a cutting plotter. Here the flock foil is cut out along the contours of the motif. The removed motif is applied to the fabric using a transfer press under medium pressure at approx. 170° C for 20 seconds. The graphic or logo used should not be less than 0,7 mm thick. The flock printing process is extremely color fast, hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Screen printing

Screen printing is the most common finishing technique for a.o. running shirts and is particularly preferred for larger quantities. Based on the print motif, films are created with which corresponding screens are exposed. The individual colors are then pressed through this sieve, which is stretched into a frame. One film and one screen are required for each color of the motif. Color gradients cannot be reproduced. Thanks to direct printing, the processed motifs are characterized by high wash resistance and color fastness.

Sublimation printing

The sublimation process (also called transfer printing) is a finishing process specifically for materials with a polyester varnish coating or made of polyester fabric with enormous heat resistance. 

The motif is printed on a transfer film using special sublimation ink. In the next step, the ink is sublimated under pressure from a thermal press and strong heat - with heat and pressure, the ink is evaporated into the open pores of the polyester. This means that the print cannot be felt when the product is worn. The result is extremely washable and lightfast with excellent sharpness and color accuracy. With sublimation printing, color gradients can also be displayed e.g. on our running shirts.

Flex printing

See finishing process.

Flock printing

See finishing process.

Full sublimation

With full sublimation, the fabric is first printed and the garment is then cut and sewn. This means that there are no restrictions on the printable areas, meaning full-surface designs are possible.

For more on sublimation technology, see finishing processes.


General sale conditions

Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GSC) can be found here 



Choose your favorite product in the product section of our homepage and click on the red “Request product now” button. We will explain to you directly on the inquiry form what happens next.

You do not feel like filling out a form or you are not sure which product is right for you?  No problem! Simply call our customer service at: +49 7332 95990-00


With the order confirmation you will automatically receive an invoice by email. The invoice has to be paid immediately.



See motif.



In principle, it is possible to display any motif or logo on our articles. In order to refine your product in the best possible quality, we need your logo as a vector graphic (like .ai, .eps, .cdr files). This refers to a graphic that is not made up of image points (pixels) like a photo, but consists of curves, lines and areas.

We can reproduce photos and images with color gradients using sublimation printing. Please note that this technique can only be used on white fabrics.

If you are not sure about the motif or vector graphic, our customer service will be happy to advise you.



Regardless of whether you contact us by phone, email or inquiry form, we will provide you with a quick and non-binding offer. If you tell us what your product should look like and send us the files to be used (logos, images, lettering, etc.), you will receive a draft for your personal product directly with the offer.

Order confirmation

After we receive your order, we check the feasibility of production. You will then receive the order confirmation together with the invoice to the email address you provided. If there are any problems with your order, we will contact you immediately.


Together with our offer and the design from our graphics team, you will receive an order form for placing the order by email. To order, simply fill out this form and send it back to us together with the signed draft by email, fax or mail.



For large orders, it is a good idea to order the desired item in a specific size range. Our customer service will be happy to send sample items upon request.


See invoice.


We personalize your products by adding an individual or corporate logo and/or motif without affecting the function of the fabric. 

For more information, see finishing processes.

Printing surfaces

With our top products using full sublimation technology (such as Hurricane Line) as well as special production products, there are no limits to your wishes. Almost all areas of the products can be printed or refined here. 

For other products, predetermined printing areas are available. Please discuss the placement options for your design with our customer service.

Printing techniques

See finishing process.



In case an error has crept in, and we have not processed your order according to the instructions you provided, or the goods are faulty, we will of course take the items back. If requested, we will send the goods again in perfect condition.

However, every order from DEE is an individually made one-of-a-kind piece. It is therefore not possible to return the goods in case they are deemed to be “not satisfying” enough.


Screen printing

See finishing process.


For shipping we charge a flat rate for postage and packaging within Germany of €11.90 plus VAT per order and per packaging unit.

For example, one packaging unit is a maximum of 50 shirts. For other items, a packaging unit can also contain other quantities. These and the prices for shipping to other countries can be requested from customer service at any time. Shipping costs will be invoiced separately.


Your goods will be delivered via DHL, UPS or other professional delivery companies. When the goods are dispatched, you will receive a tracking code from us by email.

Sizing charts

To ensure that the outfit fits later, we measured our most common products and created special size tables. For larger orders, it is advisable to order test material in an appropriate size range. Our customer service will be happy to accept your order.

Sublimation print

See finishing process.


Most of our products are Oeko-Tex® 100 and/or GOTS and BSCI certified and are fairly traded. You can find the relevant certification in the product description.


Vector illustration

See motif.