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Social Responsibility

DEE is contributing to the local communities by supporting more than 350,000 sportsmen every year. 

DEE aims to support more than 350,000 people in Germany by sponsoring sports events in 2017. DEE promotes regional teams and clubs with more than 2,500 sponsored team jerseys in 2016 in order to foster a healthy lifestyle especially for kids.

DEE works together with foundations, charity associations, penal institutions as well as handicapped people in order to promote social integration. 


Code of Conduct

This code of conduct describes the values, principles and behaviors which determine the business actions of DEE GmbH. Here you can download the document.

This code of conduct applies to all employees and members of the management at all locations and business units of DEE GmbH. At the same time, DEE GmbH requires its suppliers to comply with the principles of this code. 

Laws and regulations
DEE GmbH adheres to the laws and regulations applicable in the countries it is active in, in all its business decisions and actions, and requires the same from its suppliers. 

Management commitment 
DEE GmbH feels obliged to act economically, socially and environmentally consciously. DEE GmbH therefore thrives to perform its transactions competently and ethically, and to protect fair competition in the markets it is operating in by adhering to the valid laws on cartel bans, competition and competitive constraints. 

Integrity and anti-corruption 
DEE GmbH is strictly against corruption and bribery in any way. Transparency, acting with integrity and responsible management and control in the company are fostered accordingly. DEE GmbH employees are prohibited from offering any discounts to business partners or receiving or accepting anything that may affect an objective and fair business decision or even appear in this way. 
DEE GmbH orients its actions by universally valid ethical values and principles, particularly integrity, respect for human dignity, openness and non-discrimination against religion, worldviews, gender and ethics. 

Employee compensation including salaries, overtime and other benefits lies within or above the applicable laws and regulations. 

All employment decisions including – but not limited to – hiring and promotions, compensation, benefits, training, dismissals and terminations are based strictly on employee’s abilities and qualifications. 

Health and work safety 
In order to avoid accidents and harm to persons the employers provide safe and healthy working conditions. 

Data protection 
All personal information about employees, clients, business partners and suppliers as well as other third parties are treated carefully and confidentially by DEE GmbH, in compliance with data protection laws. 

The company employs and continually improves environmentally friendly practices at all locations it operates in. Environmental protection regulations and standards applicable to the respective units are being fulfilled and natural resources are treated responsibly. 

Böhmenkirch, 01.01.2017