Acting responsibly is not an individual task but must be the aspiration and goal of the entire company. DEE sees it as its duty to act in an economically, socially and environmentally conscious manner. As a common guideline for our decisions, values and principles, we have defined binding minimum standards for responsible conduct and summarised these in a Code of Conduct. These guidelines and principles apply to all employees of DEE as well as to producers, suppliers and business partners. Together, we are responsible for the reputation of our company.

The daily work and behaviour among each other are characterised by trust and respect. This mission statement is prevalent at DEE and allows us to give our best every single day. A harmonious working atmosphere, the health of employees and safety at the workplace have a high priority.

With the Code of Conduct as a summary of our corporate guidelines, we have implemented a series of actions and documents to ensure compliance with laws, commitments and policies at DEE.

If you have any questions about our activities and compliance measures, all employees and third parties can contact our Compliance Officer Ulla Ketter.

Implementation and training system

Acting responsibly

BSCI compliant