DEE - a strong textile brand for your business

Corporate sportswear for your company

DEE GmbH is the fastest growing company for individual sportswear and was founded in 2012. As of January 1, 2017 the company appears under the common brand DEE. The merger has created optimal growth opportunities and expanded the core business.
With a team of 40 employees in the two locations Böhmenkirch and Munich, DEE GmbH produces consistent corporate sportswear for companies. DEE quality is trusted by approximately 3.000 clients from different sectors and more than 100 event partners.

DEE is more than a classic textile refiner and shirt supplier. DEE stands for team spirit and our focus lies on corporate sportswear. The company, our goals and our actions are defined by the brand values dynamics, expertise and emotion. We see our task in providing every corporate team with consistent clothing – based on the client’s wishes and requirements. We are active across sectors and target groups, be it workwear or company anniversary, corporate run or football match; with DEE, every team will find the right product for the right occasion. 

Auf diesem Bild sieht man wofür die DEE GmbH steht. Expertise, Emotion, Dynamik wird alles zusammen im Team Spirit vereint.

We align our goals with our brand values and live by them internally and externally 

Dynamics stands for evolution and contribution. DEE is a company which has grown in a very short time and we want to keep living up to this expectation. We are always open for innovation and looking for challenges – our products as well as target groups and markets. Furthermore, we stand for creativity and flexibility. Every DEE product is a unicum, conceived from the client’s wishes together with our graphics team.

Our many years of Expertise in the textile sector and cooperation with companies and sports event organizers help us understand our clients’ requirements exactly. We foster our employees’ competencies in order for them to expand their know how in areas like product development, client relations or logistics. Our products stand for top-notch quality and we have invested all of our knowledge into the development of our own brand. With DEE, you can rely on receiving the best product and having a reliable, strong partner at your side.  

Pure Emotion. We love sports and textiles. That is what makes us excel at what we do. We believe in our products 100%. Team always means emotion, and nothing transports the sense of togetherness and community like consistent clothing. Our goal is for our clients to know and value our brand and to remain loyal to our company.